Saturday, November 29, 2008

Forgot to welcome you

Hi I'm Caleb Johnson and I'm 8 years old. And I'm in second grade and I was born on sept. 6th 2000 at 10pm. at the dot ( that is a guess so you know.) I have a bro. named Austin he is 6 years old and was born feb. 4th 2002. And two little sisters named Emilie and Georgia. Emilie Grace is going to be 4 tommrow she was born on Nov. 30th. Georigia was born on Dec. 19th, and she will be 3.

Friday, November 28, 2008

After Thanksgiving (part two)

I'm ready for Christmas and I'm ready for it now! My family is seeing what they can do to get ready for Christmas. Right now they are setting up the lights for the outside of the house ( they're setting up the lights at my grandpa's house because we've have done it already). Well catch you later (I'm not telling what that means again).

After thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving it is time for Emilie and Georgia's birthday party (Emilie and Georgia our my sisters.) I can't wait until saturday night because thats when the party starts! Emilie is turning four in two days ( today is only the party.) My dad and grandpa made the cake there selfs. So that is it for this page. Catch you later ( as you know that means see ya later.)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Holidays oct-dec

Hello again, happy Halloween, happy thanksgiving, merry Christmas. There is lots of holidays this time a year (the end of the year.) We've had Halloween and today is thanksgiving that leaves one more holiday Christmas! What I want for Christmas (if you were wondering) I want DS games, new ocean books, some art supplies and last but not least family. Catch you later (code for see ya later.)